From a career perspective, the past 24 hrs have been excellent. I’ve got my first copywriting job to knuckle into. It’s a combination of fact-checking, proofreading and researching with a smidge of solo writing so quite a good primer. Hopefully, it’ll lead to more work but, even if it doesn’t, it’s something else I can add to the CV!

I’ve also attended my first networking event. There was a speaker talking about the role of storytelling in marketing content which was genuinely interesting, and I met a couple of people and exchanged business cards like a proper adult. The cards were put together quite quickly so they would be ready for the meeting but they should do for now! I’ll write an entry on networking when I have a bit more experience in the area, and maybe a summary article on the storytelling advice.

I am also, now, a paid and published article writer! The mighty £25 article has now been put out onto that World Wide Web and can be found here: 11 great TV series for young children on Netflix. The comments on the bottom have been very positive and my site contact has promised to let me know how it does in terms of views.

All in all, a very good day. To celebrate, I’ve gone and given this article an actual picture.