I’m a millionaire! Well, I’ve had an article paid for £25. Well, I’ve submitted an invoice.

But still, this means I’m officially a paid writer. This is my job. Of course I’m miles from the sort of level I need to be but everyone starts somewhere.

Where other writers start is a puzzle for me. From various blogs and books and tips there are a massive amount of approaches different authors, script writers and bloggers take. Some start with the ending in mind. Some start with one character and see what he/she does. Some begin with an event or set piece that they love and work out the best story from there. I have an app on my phone for generating character names.

I’m too early in my writing career to give anything resembling definitive advice on the subject but one thing I’d say in general is to find what works for YOU. Love sitting in a coffee shop and writing there? Do it! Think doing that is a horrible idea? DON’T do it!

As for me? I’m a list person. Big fan. Helps me keeps my thoughts in order and makes it far less likely that I’m going to forget something (like this blog). My list has both writing and non-writing related entries that I can keep track of. So, after my second day, how am I doing?

Some good, some bad. I’ve entered some competitions, done some more research and started writing a new script – my first non-Doctor Who one. In this case I’ve got a single idea that I like – that at every wedding there is table of people who couldn’t be fitted in elsewhere – and am just writing and seeing where it goes. I genuinely don’t know where this will end up and am discovering the characters as I write. One has emerged as sister of the groom, downgraded to this table following a family spat. Another is an old school friend of both this sister and the groom and is an utter cow. Another is her father, who is a pervert. Another is yet another school friend (a boy this time) who had a romantic entanglement with both aforementioned women at the table. And each of these characters emerged as I was writing text. I gave one person something to say and then brought in someone to respond. I don’t know if that’s how it works for other people, but I managed to write 500 words without pausing. Gotta be a good sign, right?