Good evening one and all – I’m back! Well, back home at least. Still suffering pretty heavily from jet lag but otherwise in pretty good condition and have plenty of things to write! No idea if other people will like them but I’m going to list them out for my own sake as much as yours:

  1. Article on Netflix shows – approved by website subject to extension.
  2. Article on Pixar films – completely new article idea to be submitted to Cracked once complete.
  3. Article on AirBnB – completed during travels and needs typing up and pitching.
  4. Dialogue-only short story competition – entered.
  5. Flash Fiction Bridport Prize – entered.
  6. Doctor Who script – typing up first draft.
  7. Other scripts – mapping out Choose Your Own Adventure story and Wacky Races meets medieval knights programmes.
  8. Non-TV scripts – play idea set at a table at a wedding being considered but quite low down the priority list as I have even less of an idea of theatre as I do TV.
  9. Fiction – still re-reading old novel. Feel the potential of it is still very much there.
  10. Short Stories – plenty of ideas and am considering some sort of anthology. Alternatively they could be submitted to websites/magazines that publish short stories or sent as competition entries.
  11. Copywriting – not tried much yet to be honest. I know, shame on me.
  12. Sorry About The MIDI – hey, the YouTube pitch was worth a shot but seems to have not caught any traction. Will dwell on how to improve this.
  13. This blog – need to keep updated more regularly and not just turn into a “me, me, me” area. I shall endeavour to write upon other subjects than my own work!

That lot should keep me going!