A warning: I’m off for a bit! I’ll try and keep this updated as much as possible but, without a laptop or much access to a computer, it’s going to be shorter and sweeter. Who knows, focusing down on fewer words may help my writing! Especially writing the word “focusing” which, for some reason, I often seem to type an extra letter “s”…

So what am I writing before I go? Two short stories to submit, one article and re-writing that Doctor Who episode… that plus last two days of full work mean I will be pretty flat out as is but will try and update this too. I’d be very interested to hear anyone else’s views on the value of words and how they are best used during my time away – whether that’s in the comments or directing me towards other blogs. I’ve not really explored the WordPress world too much yet.

One piece of advice though. You know, from an unpublished, practically virgin writer. USE YOUR CONTACTS. I attended a course with a professional screenwriter one day last year, and periodically get in touch to check in. It may amount to nothing, but it really cannot hurt.

I hope.