So, we’re three days down the line from my “Mission Log” post… where have I got to? Honest answer? Not far at all. I’ve taken the slightly procrastinating option of re-reading the novel I started. The plot’s solid and I know where everything ends up (all could change in a heartbeat of course) but I’m struggling to make my central character interesting. He’s more of an avatar at the moment for the reader but doesn’t quite feel right yet. My villain isn’t quite subtle enough yet either; it needs to be more of a rug pull later on in the plot.

Of the things at the top of the previous list only the already-approved article has made any headway. It involves watching a fair portion of kids TV which is sometimes enjoyable but the stuff aimed at really young children is beginning to make my head hurt. I understand the role of such programmes of course, but that doesn’t make them fun for a grown up!

I’m going to try and work on the dialogue-only story tonight. There’s an aspect of it I’ve seeded (namely that there is some fiction famous person to appear soon) but am not quite sure how to bring them in to play yet. Best thing to do in a situation like this is probably to let the characters talk their way towards it!

The big news for me (writing-wise) is that Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who. He’s been amazing both inside and outside the show and will be missed. Surprisingly it doesn’t affect my script too much as I knew he’d never be the Doctor by the time my script got even close to success. As such my story’s Doctor has been a bit of everything but mostly Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. For anyone reading who has no real care for Doctor Who all I’ll say is that his mind and actions can take sharp turns from light to dark with moments of inspiration popping up almost out of nowhere. This could make him seem a bit TOO clever if not handled well, so handle it well I must…

I’ve also been thinking greatly about the Golden Age mystery competition – mainly because I’ve been listening to a Poirot audio book in the car. He’s marvellous and I’m a big fan. Anyone else who’s a fan should look into James Anderson’s crime novels; very traditional! Think it’d be a lot of fun so am planning on brainstorming that one tomorrow night. Personally I’d love a bit of fourth wall breaking  (I loved Deadpool, so sue me!) but don’t think it’d quite sit right for this competition. I intend to pursue it down the line though as think there’s real potential there. We’ll see.

Still have NO IDEA how to begin copywriting work though. Very worrying!