Oh yes, I really did just use that title. It is for a very simple reason: I’m about to write out all my writing options. Yikes. Some of it will make sense. Some of it won’t. I’m hoping that by writing it down and having it out in the open will spur me on to keep on top of it. So, without further ado…

Netflix article for Den of Geek (agreed with site and now in progress)
Read up on the Screen Rant and What Culture websites and list potential articles for submission
Complete old Doctor Who article for Cracked. If unsuccessful, re-appropriate for Screen Rant

Finish typing up Doctor Who script (first draft has been written on paper)
Begin second draft of Doctor Who script
Research authors for potential second Doctor Who story
Re-read script for the interactive fiction story and consider potential endings
Re-read notes on Chivrivalry characters

Re-read 50,000 word half of novel on “Creative Industries” as well as character plans. If it generates excitement reading it then pick it up and continue writing or draw out a proper character/plot map
Research thriller publishers/agents for above novel
Re-read “Control” notes to see if worth pursuing or perhaps transforming into a script.

Short stories/competitions
Complete dialogue-only short story (using lexicon warfare subject described in a previous entry) for The Writing Magazine and submit
Keep working on Golden Age Mystery for CWA (map out story and characters)
Map out “The Time Maze” story – may be worth expanding for a TV script.
Consider options for “The White Review”

Research copywriting opportunities.

As you can see I’ve no shortage of potential stuff to work on! Now I have to decide where my priorities lie. I think the articles, copywriting and dialogue-only story probably need to be completed first due to time pressures, whilst typing up the Doctor Who episode in between moments where inspiration is lacking. Also need to re-read the instructions for “The White Review” as it is quite a well paid prize, although I don’t know what would fit here so would probably need to start a story from scratch. Maybe look at pilfering something from my fan fiction work…

After that I think re-reading my novel, the Golden Age mystery competition and 2nd draft of Doctor Who script will follow while undertaking any copywriting work I have succeeded in attaining.

THEN I think the Doctor Who article for Cracked, the interactive fiction story (trust me, it’s a good ‘un), a third draft of Doctor Who episode and maintaining any copywriting/article work that I’ve managed to get going.

All this alongside general housework, family stuff and any steadier temping work (like at a shop) that I take on, as well as investigating all potential agents and contacts to get the more speculative work off the ground. A handful of people have started reading this; if they know of any way to get feet in the door at these various industries I’d be delighted to hear them.

Oh, and I gather it’s better to have your own website than a free wordpress one. So if I get any money in for that…

AHHHHHHHH – is this how all writers get started? No wonder I’ve not updated the stock photos.