Well, I’m going to call it a commission. I pitched an article to a website (Den of Geek – a movies/TV/games type site I’m very fond of), they came back with a suggested alternative that they’d like me to have a go at. It’s for very little money (£25 – I’m rich!) but it’ll be the start of a portfolio. Plus my article will be read by hundreds, if not thousands of people. And if that’s not good for my confidence, nothing will be.

Now, how am I going to earn the next £9,975 that I need to keep things steady this year…

Think I’ll have a stab at writing for Cracked. Just need to think of something that they’ll like now! I pitched an epilepsy article years ago and was told it was too specific. Imagine my surprise when a year or so ago an epilepsy article appeared on the site… It wasn’t copied or anything and was a good article; just a shame I wasn’t the one who wrote it!