So, where to start?

Seriously, that’s my question. I am absolutely brand new to this. I may be shooting myself in the foot by announcing that, I know, but to hell with it. I WANT TO WRITE A GODDAMN DOCTOR WHO EPISODE.

I guess the first place to start is to start getting a steady income from writing. A friend’s friend is kindly giving me a bit of direction but it’s very much early days so cannot really quantify what will and won’t help. This blog will be a bit of that – how am I doing? For all I know these could be the first posts of someone who’ll end up running Doctor Who. Or someone who operates a till (no shame in that by the way). Or somewhere in between. Anyone reading these could be witnessing the genesis or someone destined for Hollywood or for someone destined for writing solely for pleasure.

That’s the great part though. Even if I earn diddly-squit from writing I’ll still be able to find something I enjoy.

The problem I’m currently facing is the same as starting in basically any other industry; the vicious closed loop of experience. How can you get experience when all the other jobs demand it as a pre-requisite? Well, I’m going to register on the below websites and see how I do. I’ll update as things go of any work that comes in…

It looks like a few people have started reading this blog (howdy, trail blazers!); if anyone has an idea that they think would help please stick it in the comments. It’d mean more to my narcissism than you’d think.