OK, let’s try and keep some momentum. I’m fully aware that it is likely this blog will be read by very few if any other people but, JUST in case it does, I won’t be scribbling everything down. After all, I am a closet racist homophobe.

This won’t be long, I just want to keep notes about what I am currently working on in the hope that it will spur me on. So, this morning, I’ve been working on a writing competition from Writing Magazine. I’m new to that magazine and have not read any writing magazines or blogs before – barring a couple of articles – so don’t really know what approach to take. One of the competitions due to close soon is a short story written as “Dialogue only”. So, I’m going to pilfer wholesale from my own back catalogue into a Flash Fiction idea I had a few years ago that I’ve always been fond of.

It’s called “Lexicon Warfare” and revolves around the concept of word viruses; a new form of violence to add to the list alongside biological and chemical attrocities. Phrased like that it’s a pretty harrowing idea but I’m fully aware that it is utterly ridiculous so I’ve got to find the fine balance between dark and farce. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve only ever entered one competition before – Thr Bridport Prize – so I don’t know what really to expect.

Oh – and I’ll change the pictures from the stock ones at some point. Promise.