I have never had a blog. Everything about this is new to me. This is a factual blog. Or possibly a speculative blog. A series of rhetorical questions? Perhaps?

Given that I really am just writing and hoping something sticks, I’ll probably keep this first entry brief until I have a better idea of where it’s going to end up – so I’ll simply explain why I chose the title.

“Word Values”

It’s not a Scrabble reference, I promise. If it is a literary reference, or a famous song lyric, or a quote from a notable individual then that’s just an accident. I chose this title as it is the key to absolutely all writing; which words, which order, how many of them… what is their value? Script Writing, novels, copywriting, social media blogs, advertising slogans, Hogwarts spells – the success or failure of each enterprise hinges on the words chosen. This blog and, I sincerely hope, my future works will perhaps demonstrate this.

I won’t go into detail now as I’m still learning what type of writer I am. All I will say is my goal. Regardless of what I write before then, regardless of time and money, here is what I want from my writing career:

To write an episode of Doctor Who.

Let’s see how I do…